In The Press

My work has been featured in the following:


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I was the first featured interview for Little Observationist’s Small Business Breakfast series, profiling small businesses and entrepreneurs. This is an 8 question interview in which I discuss the background of Sadler Garden Collections, talk about social media and what sets us apart from the competition.


Sadler Garden Collections - Buffalo Etsy Team Feature

I was selected as the featured local artisan interview on the Buffalo Etsy Team blog in July 2013. In the interview, I talk about my background as an artisan and how I ended up in Western New York in the first place. I also discuss my own experience selling products on and offer my advise to other sellers. (LINK)


Sadler Garden Collections - Langenbach Magazine

Magazine copy written by Langenbach:
In winter, non-migrating butterflies need a safe place to hibernate. And in summer, all butterflies need a cool retreat from the noonday sun. A butterfly house, placed close to the ground in a shady place will keep your garden a flutter all summer long with one of natures most graceful expressions. Crafted by master woodworker Patrick Sadler from beautifully detailed and finished Western Red Cedar, 24″ high by 5″ square with a 20″ PVC mounting stake. A hinged side panel allows for easy cleaning and observing.


Sadler Garden Collections - Langenbach Magazine

Magazine copy written by Langenbach: 

Sadler Nesting House.

Each beautiful Nesting House is individually hand crafted by master woodworker Patrick Sadler in his upstate New York workshop. (We also offer his elegant Butterfly House on page 20.)

Made from oil-finished Western Red Cedar with a hinged side panel that provides easy access for annual cleaning, the 1 1/2″ entry invites small garden birds like wrens, chickadees, nuthatches, bluebirds and others to make this charming house their cozy “home”.

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