PVCedar Bird Houses – a mixed media

Sadler garden collections PVCedar houses

What is a PVCedar? Basically, it’s a mixture of a PVC woodgrain extrusion and real wood used together to make one product.

We felt the need to combine the two materials because both have special attributes.

In just the last few years, the vinyl industry has developed the process for making an authentic looking wood-like profile. It has texture, variegation, and dark colors.

The good news is that it has the maintenance-free attributes you have come to expect in vinyl which means just the occasional cleaning.

DSC02326 (2)

This Arctic blend profile shows variegation and texture

We have developed a birdhouse and a bird feeder from the woodgrain material, using real wood on the roofs so that we can continue with our signature design and offer more color options.


The birdhouse body is made of PVC, making it easy to clean, and as a profile there are no leaky corners. Because the inside of the box is smooth, we attach a ladder to the inside to give the birds a stepping apparatus to get out of the house.


The inside view, with the entry/exit hole, the ladder and the trap door at the base

The base of the house is also made of PVC and acts as a trap door for easy cleaning. This is held closed with a steel pin. The base allows the house to be screwed to the top of a fence post without cracking and allows for moisture to escape.

Pull the side pin and the trap door swings open for real easy cleaning

Pull the side pin and the trap door swings open for real easy cleaning


Sadler 4

The PVC base allows for attachment to the top of a fence post, hence protecting the post from the elements


The back of the house features a chain riveted in place. There’s also a hole that is plugged. When the plug is removed, it reveals a hole that can be used to attach the house to the side of a post.

DSC02312 (1)

The roof is make from durable red cedar, and designed with our painted or stained signature roof for extra durability.



IMG_3536 (2)

The entry hole is 1 1/2″ to cater to bluebirds and there is no perch for predators to land.

The inside of the house is a comfortable 4 1/2″ x 4 1/2″.

We offer the bird house in 12 different body colors and 10 roof colors. We have put together the combinations that we feel are the best for sale on our Etsy site. If you have a color combo that you might like or are matching your own house, we do take custom orders.

The birdhouses can be purchased at our Etsy site or come to one of our eight craft shows in the WNY area. For more details on our craft show schedule, watch this space or follow us on Facebook.

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