The Story of Sadler Garden Collections & a New Media

Back in 1993 when vinyl was still very new to the fence industry, I helped a friend install a vinyl fence. Studying the post, I remember thinking that there must be a lot more I could do with that post than just use it to support a fence.

I started to think about the attributes of the post and the material. It was made to weather the elements in outdoor applications and was strong enough to hold up a fence. It was also hollow, decorative, never needs painting and is impervious to rot.

So I started to think about using the vinyl as an outdoor container, filling it with seed or flowers – and my imagination.

After that, I took a small piece and started to play with some ideas, cutting out a decorative design, capping the top, putting a base on the bottom, installing a hanging chain on top; and so was born the dreamy tray bird feeder.

 Sadler Garden Collections

The Sadler Garden Collection dreamy tray feeder, easy to fill and cleans with warm soapy water. Virtually indestructible and the birds love it!

This was my first product and the start of a new interest in my life. Little did I know then just how much of my time and effort would be devoted to it as the business grew.

 Sadler Garden Collections

The dreamy PVC feeder welcomes all guests. Please wait your turn on our rooftop balcony!

Once I saw the birds loving the open sides and just flocking to get to the food, I decided to elaborate on the concept of the vinyl post as a container. Next came the planter.

 Sadler Garden Collections

The dreamy planter with live flowers

By making the lower portion a few inches deeper, enlarging the drainage hole in the base and elongating the cut-out design, I found myself with another new product: the dreamy planter.

This product proved to be quite versatile as you could simply put a 4″ pot into the opening and let the plant grow and trail in the pot, or you could layer the base with stone for drainage, and then add the soil and the plant so you are able to grow the plant directly inside the planter.

Another use for the planter is to decorate it with silks or artificial plants for a more permanent display.

 Sadler Garden Collections

The Gothic tray feeder has also been used as a shallow root planter and a nice accent for an electric candle.

Next came variety, I designed a new cut out called the “Gothic style ” and turned it into a feeder and a planter.

 Sadler Garden Collections

The gothic planter with plant growing directly in the base.

As the vinyl industry grew, a greater selection of bases and tops became available. That meant I could interchange my designs with these and create a whole range. I decided to make a more high end planter and also developed my first tube feeder.

 Sadler Garden Collections

My selection of New England planters; we had grown to 4 cut out designs (L to R; Dreamy, Arches, Gothic and Cathedral).


 Sadler Garden Collections

The Gothic Tube feeder, designed with a 3″ acrylic tube fixed in the center to protect the seed from the elements. The seed is loaded through the top and flows through holes in the base.


 Sadler Garden Collections

This shows the cathedral style cut outs on our New England planter. Plants are installed directly in the base.

At the time I was also a woodworking hobbyist, but I realized I had created a vinyl product that people liked and wanted to own, so I put fourth the effort to make more designs, start an official business, and participate in arts and craft shows with my mixed media product line.

This was the start of Sadler Garden Collections. We now have a large array of different products (far more than are pictured here) and, as the vinyl industry changes, so my imagination goes into overdrive! More products to follow.

In the meantime, come visit our Etsy shop!

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