A Tiverton: The Crowning Glory of a Bird Condo

Earlier this year, we had a booth among the talented painters, glass blowers and jewelry designers at Clothesline Festival in the Memorial Art Gallery. This Rochester show features 400 artists from New York State and has been running for nearly 60 years.
One of the highlights of attending craft shows is talking to the people who wander into our booth, showing them some of our favorite products, listening to their feedback and hopefully sending them away with a birdfeeder or a planter that will bring them years of enjoyment.
This year, one of these people we met was Mary Ellen Dangler and she took the time to write to us and share a photograph of her Tiverton in its new environment – as the crowning glory at the top of her family’s bird condo! Impressive, right?
Sadler Garden Collections
I wanted to share with you a few kind words from Mary:
My husband and I love watching birds and for years we had a 14 to 15 foot tree stump to which we attached several bird houses. Over the years vines covered it, surrounding the houses. Last year in a violent storm, the base gave way and it all came crashing down. We were devistated. The birds and their families gave us wonderful entertainment. Our neighbor suggested a tower to replace our fallen stump. We discussed options and came up with our new bird condo. It was built in the fall of 2013. Over a weekend the couple next door, my husband and I errected the new bird condo. We attached the old repaired houses and a couple of new ones. Unfortunately, my husband and I could not decide what to place on the top of the bird condo. After almost a year, we found our condo’s crowning glory: The Tiverton bird house from Sadler Garden Collections! It looks wonderful and completes our creation with style and function. Thank you!
– Mary Ellen Dangler from Rochester, New York
Thank you, Mary! We hope the Tiverton will make a happy home for your feathered friends.
We love feedback, so if you have a Sadler Garden Collections piece of your own, send us your photos. You can reach me at Sadlergardencollections@aol.com or pop over to Facebook or Instagram and tag us there. 
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