Testimonial: A Red Roofed Tudor Birdhouse and Its Resident Bird

From our new series of Tudor-style birdhouses, this red-roofed piece found a home with Susan M. from NJ. She said:

“My new birdhouse looks just lovely sitting atop its new home. We now have this one male sparrow who guards it day and night. He sings for a mate every day, but so far he’s had no takers, poor lil bugger. I wish the goldfinches or cardinals would nest in boxes, but alas we can’t have everything we wish for, eh? Thanks again for your talent.”

Here’s a photo of her birdhouse. Note that she decided to enlarge the hole and created a stand for it:

Susan-Manzo-photo - Sadler Garden Collections

This birdhouse is made from western red cedar and finished with oil based red and white paint for durability and weather protection. The Tudor design is also western red cedar with an ebony finish. The side door opens for occasional cleaning. This is one of our most popular nesting boxes.

You can find this one as well as a selection of stenciled designs and plain/oiled with painted roofs on our Etsy site.

If you have purchased a product from Sadler Garden Collections, why not send us a photo or two so we can see how it looks? You can email them to sadlergardencollections@aol.com and we’ll post them on our blog.

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