Testimonial: Speedy Shipping

Just after Christmas last year, we received a nice message from a happy customer:

“Hi Pat! I got the bird feeder on Christmas Eve and had it out Christmas afternoon 🙂 It’s beautiful and the birds are already making themselves at home! Thank you so much for the speedy shipping!”

Sadler Garden Collections Photo: Our gothic tray feeder is the product that Keri chose for her Christmas gift. See this and more on our website.

We’re always happy to hear some positive feedback from our customers! Thanks Keri!

This year we have a great shipping record; most orders go out next day. Don’t leave it too late for those Christmas gifts though, especially going west of the Mississippi.

It’s also good to remember is that most of our products are one of a kind, so it’s a case of first come first served. Not that we can’t make more, but they might not be ready for Christmas.

If you have purchased a product from Sadler Garden Collections, why not send us a photo or two so we can see how it looks? You can email them to sadlergardencollections@aol.com and we’ll post them on our blog.

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